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Birthdate:May 21, 1990
Location:Maryland, United States of America
she is like a rainbow

Ashen, 19, female. Quiet fangirl, computer geek, knowledge sponge. A little shy most of the time, but can be just as much loud and obnoxious. Has a bit of a problem organizing and getting things done, but working on it! Currently attending Towson University to get a degree in Electronic Media & Film (Film/Video concentration) with a minor in Psychology. Avid lover of video games, but isn't quite good at a lot of them. Loves ice cream (any kind!) and a good bottle of root beer. Also has an insatiable craving for fried rice and sushi. Working on going to graduate school, but not sure in what yet; anything from video editing to sexology. Autumn is beautiful, but snowy winters are better. Loves animals, but sadly has a bad allergy to animal dander. More a cat person than a dog person. Is very insecure about her appearance for various reasons, none of them being her weight!

This journal is friends only! I can always add more people, though. Just post a comment in the first entry in my journal how you found my journal and whether I've met you (I'm pretty terrible with names, so naming places help!) or if you feel we have something in common! >w<
Kashimashi: Girls Meets Girl, Card Captor Sakura, G Gundam, NCIS, House, Ichigo Mashimaro, Nodame Cantible, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Cowboy Bebop, Mythbusters, Iron Chef (original), Doctor Who

NES: Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden
SNES: Secret of Mana
GB/C: Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Crystal
GBA: Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen, Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Final Fantasy V Advance
NDS: Final Fantasy IV, Mega Man ZX
GCN: Tales of Symphonia, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
PSX: Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VII
PS2: Devil May Cry, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Final Fantasy X, Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, Tales of the Abyss
PSP: Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Half-Minute Hero, Star Ocean: First Departure, Star Ocean: Second Evolution

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